The plan that God has for Mankind is beyond words

His love is more than we are ever able to measure, because the Scriptures reveal to us that God does not simply have love, but rather is Love. His capacity for mercy and grace and forgiveness and compassion and goodness are without boundaries.

God’s holy Word, in giving unto us all things that pertain to life and Godliness (II Peter 1:3), reveals to us the wonderful Master Plan that He has established from everlasting for men and women to be restored in their relationship to Him. And God is a God of faith. He created this whole universe that we find ourselves a part of . . . by faith. And that is the way that He operates in everything.

For some people what God has done seems clear, and they just move right along in their walk with the Lord. For others, the Scriptures present the facts of what God has done, but they do not seem to grasp with simplicity the clarity of the picture.

With the help of the Holy Spirit of God, we shall take a look at the facts from another perspective, using colors in a simple illustration, and trust God to give unto us insight and confirmation. For the purpose of this illustration, we will use the color blue to represent all pagan Gentiles, and the color orange to represent all Abrahamic Covenant Jewish individuals, and the color green to represent all New Creatures, i.e., all Born-Again Christians.

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