The Stories You Have Been Searching For

Robert E. Daley is a published author, pastor, world traveler, and distinguished speaker. Passionate about what he does, his books will teach you things about the word of God that you have never heard before.

Rob Daley has been gifted by God to be able to explain biblical truths in an easy to understand manner. Many have been blessed by his teaching style.

Rob was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1978 and has been instructed by the greatest teacher of all–the Spirit of Truth Himself. 

It is the desire of this ministry to see the body of Christ solidly taught, and grow up into the things of the Lord. Rob is available for seminars, retreats, conventions, etc.

Invite Robert E. Daley to Speak

Please provide as much detail as possible.  All invitations will be considered.  When making schedule decisions, we factor logistics, prior engagements, and most importantly prayer.