Does a God of ordered Creation really exist . . . or does He not? Or maybe this extremely complex universe is simply a Godless void that somehow just happened on its own from the explosion of a Big Bang? Boom!

Is there really an unseen enemy known of as the Devil . . . whose actual name is Satan . . . or is there not? Or is he merely an animated fictional character created by Stan Lee and MARVEL comics?

Do readily known Demon entities really exist . . . or do they not? Or are all of the demon-possessed people of this world simply medically bi-polar or schizophrenic?

Is there really an active, functioning, invisible world that we cannot see . . . or is there not? Or are we all deluded, and the multitude of all of the established evidence that we have for the existence of that world, just simply fabricated?

Is the certainty of physical DEATH something that is really real . . . or is it not? Or do we simply go to the funerals of friends and family just to get some free food?

Was Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a real historical person who walked upon this Earth . . . or was he not? Or is he only the figment of millions of people’s imaginations?

For two-thousand years this world has hated the Jewish people, and they have been stigmatized and labeled as the “Christ Killers” . . . is that true or false?

In these last days that we are living in right now, the world is rapidly moving toward a hatred of genuine Christian people, because genuine Christians choose to believe the Bible, and purpose to live in a godly manner . . . is that true or false?

Are you really sure that you are a real person . . . or possibly not? Or are you simply a blow-up fabricated facsimile that chooses to spew out vulgarity, think foul thoughts, and behave in a reprobate manner?

To all of the questions hence posed . . . Get a Grip!

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