A Story About Human Beings

This is a love letter, and a story about Human Beings. A story about every Human Being that has ever come into existence. A story about YOU and ME. A story about Truth and Reality. A story about Time and Eternity. A story about Life and Death. So, it is this author’s prayer that the information presented, will not be frivolously laughed at, or ignored, nor dealt with in a cavalier manner by YOU, the one who is reading this right now. And because of the sensitivity of the subject, we will not be beating around the bush, or going down the emotional corridor of Aww . . . poor thing.

Sadly, there are certain things that Human Beings do not take very seriously, until it is far too late. And indeed, this story does have a point of no return.

This author is wide open, to whosoever may be able to present a solid case showing how there is no validity in this story. I challenge YOU to do so. Otherwise . . . give some serious, sober, time of thought, to this simplistic tale, which relays a very real truth. And then know that from the moment YOU have finished reading this short story there will no longer be any acceptable excuses for your lack of understanding as to how things actually work. For then as YOU stand before the Living God of all creation, your denial, ignorance, or feigned declarations, that things do not really work that way, and the outcome should be different will fall upon deaf ears . . . well aware that you now know better.

Enjoy this story, consider what is said, and then please act upon the option that is given unto YOU at the conclusion of this work.

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