The Probation of the First Social Order

Although we know from Scriptural records that there was a First Social Order on this planet (Genesis 1:2; Psalm 104:5-7; Isaiah 14:12-14; Jeremiah 4:23-26; Ezekiel 28:11-19; II Peter 3:5-7) we do not know exactly when this society came forth, time wise.

As we reflect upon this Second Social Order that we now belong to, it is revealed unto us that God started all of humanity with one Man and one Woman. Natural multiplication over expired time eventually produced the teeming society that inhabits this planet Earth today. Biblical calculations are able to provide us with a solid, six-thousand year history of Mankind, but that is all. Every other postulation that is put forth is put forth by two-dimensional thinking, evolutionary men, who put their trust in other natural evidence, to calculate and substantiate their positions.

Might it be then that the First Social Order had proceeded along a similar path of travel as the Second? That is, begin with an original mating pair of creatures, and over a period of time obtain a bustling population? Or, was the plan to create an entire population, fully mature, without the privilege of procreative permission? We do not know the answer to that question at this time because we do not have any precise records to draw from. However, what is clear from the testimony of Scripture, is that whosoever or whatsoever these first moral creatures on planet Earth were, they were not Human. Mankind holds that unique God-class position, as being the only created creature to be brought forth in the image and after the likeness of the God of all creation Himself. (Genesis 1:26) What we do know is that these creatures eventually formed themselves into nations, (Isaiah 14:12) and excelled in building cities. (Jeremiah 4:26)

It would also Scripturally seem that this society was in need of provided governance and that there was, at that time, an angel in training that needed a task assignment that would solidify his obedience record. (Ezekiel 28:15) And so, the holy angel Lucifer was granted a throne (Isaiah 14:13) and placed within a governance position over the first inhabitants of planet Earth.

Sadly, we see that, with the intelligence that he was given, over a period of time the angel named Lucifer did not keep his thought-life in order, and his thinking began to go renegade. (Ezekiel 28:17) Within the capacity of his gifted free-will, he developed inappropriate personal desires, (Isaiah 14:13-14) and the end result, because of the anointing that he was entrusted with, and currently carried, (Ezekiel 28:14) by his actions there came forth the creation of a heinous new spiritual law within the universe called . . . the Law of Sin. (Romans 8:2)

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