God Creates Intelligent Moral Beings

We are witness to a growing, expanding universe, that is void of any intelligent life, exempting of course, for the Creator Himself. And, by the way, the expanding universe notation is a scientific postulation and not a Biblical declaration. So a reasonable question would be, what specific uncreated area is the universe expanding into?

Solid Scriptural expose on these earliest of days, and of all of the creation endeavors of the Lord God Almighty are not prolifically abundant. The reason being, because they are not the spiritual focus of the Plan that God has drafted for the whole of the everlasting. However, spending focused time with God, coupled with an interest and an earnest desire for the truth, will be of much benefit concerning spiritual insight as to what has happened in days gone by.

When we finally reach the point of contemplating all of the aspects of intelligent life, we reach a juncture for an understanding of the whole reason for the creation of the universe in the first place.

And as Human Beings, we have been made privy, by the God of grace, to established reliable accounts of intelligent, moral, and free-willed creatures, other than Mankind, that occupy existence. (Hebrews 1:13-14; Romans 8:39) However, we do not have any further records, anywhere, from any other reliable source, concerning those beings who are referred to by the constituency of Mankind, as aliens. Once again, that is a postulation based upon an errant, active imagination.

What we do have is an informative basis for understanding the lower categories of intelligently created creatures. It is not arrogance, but rather fact that Man is in the highest of all of the Created Creature categories; and he is not here on this Earth by reason of the evolutionary process, but by the direct creative action of the God of Love. Man is noted as being brought forth into existence in the very image, and after the exact likeness of the Master Creator Himself. (Genesis 1:26) And as such, Man holds the highest position of all of the creative endeavors, within the whole of the universe. (Hebrews 2:8)

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