The futility of trying to be happy without God

The Book of Ecclesiastes is a work that is attributed to King Solomon, while he was in a spiritually backslidden condition. The work is additionally known of by many as The Preacher. The theme of the book is the futility of Man trying to be happy apart from having a relationship with the living God. The main focus word within the whole of the book is vanity.

King Solomon was the wisest, richest, most influential king that the Nation of Israel had ever had. His perspective of viewing things under the sun finds life in this world to be empty despite a person having power, prestige, popularity, pleasure, or any other chattel possessions.

Within each Human-Being, by a divine design, there is a God-shaped vacuum that is awaiting the filling-up-of, by the One and only Holy Spirit of God. Without that vacuum being correctly filled with the Spirit of God himself, attempts will be made to fill it with drugs, sex, money, influence, and many other worldly substitutes, that men pursue vigorously, and at great expense, but that ultimately render no genuine peace or satisfaction. “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 12:8).

The enhancement that is provided within this work will hopefully not only bring clarity, but provide possibly a fresh perspective to the spiritual realities that are touched upon by King Solomon.

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